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Celebrating in Singapore, the Vegan Way

Celebrating in Singapore, the Vegan Way

By Choo Ai Loon

Food is an integral part of festivities in Singapore. So how do vegans in Singapore get delicious food to indulge in and remain steadfast to veganism at the same time?

Shopping local and vegan

Perhaps you already have your own ideas about vegan food for celebrations and gatherings in Singapore. If not, you can make use of the suggestions here to jump start your own list. Do not forget to share your list and resources with your friends and relatives.

Celebratory get-togethers can never do without goodies such as cookies, cakes, local snacks and other treats. Some of us may fancy a mix of chips and nuts. Some time ago, my food radar detected a bakery named Delcie’s that sold vegan cakes and other confectionaries specially made by their in-house chefs in a vegan kitchen.

I thought that was awesome but my radar did not rest on its laurels and it returned with another great find – Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading. This is a grocery store that sells vegetarian foodstuffs and seasoning, as well as ready-to-eat snacks. It is located at Fortune Centre, a go-to place for vegetarians and vegans.

The store’s kueh lapis,an Indonesian thousand-layer cake with Dutch influence, is very soft and moist, and is less oily and not as heavy as the original kueh lapis. If you are a visual person, you will find its appearance far from the original’s because the countless lines that give its name to the “thousand-layer” cake are nowhere to be seen on the vegan version.

It was a pleasant surprise to find murukku in the same store and it would certainly be a popular tit-bit choice for Deepavali. Murukku is a South Indian snack of savory crunchy swirls made from rice and urad dal (lentil) flour. In fact, we can easily get murukku from any Indian food store or restaurant and some supermarkets in Singapore. Just check and make sure that butter or ghee is not part of the ingredients and that vegetable oil was used to fry it.

A place to consider if you want vegan chips and other more westernized goodies is “Real Food”. It is so refreshing to visit this place, which is an eatery, a grocery store, a shop of eco-friendly products and a book store! You might also want to pick up some fresh organic produce from them to prepare your own home-cooked meal.

Vegging out

Whether one is kitchen-savvy or not, it’s always wonderful to catch up with friends and relatives over a hearty vegan dine-out. Try 7 Sensations at Millennia Walk, Yes Natural Restaurant in Geylang and Whole Earth in Tanjong Pagar. Do clarify and ask for vegan options when you are unsure. Perhaps you can adjourn to Brownice at Sin Ming Centre after dinner for a scoop of vegan ice cream!

It is widely known that hot pot has long been a popular choice during winter or cool weather. The uninitiated will find it hard to believe that this ideal food for warming up the body during winter can almost qualify as a staple in summer-all-year Singapore. We only need to be aware of two differences: it’s called “steamboat” in Singapore and it is enjoyed in crowded eateries or restaurants with powerful air-conditioning. The motto is, “sweat it out”.

If you have not found the steamboat place that you can call your steamboat haunt in Singapore, you probably have not tried hard enough. Check out the steamboat at Nature Vegetarian at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre. Remember to ask for the stock that does not have milk. Otherwise, Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at Quality Hotel Marlow also has a pretty attractive steamboat menu.

Festivities or no festivities, I wish you happy and healthy vegan eating!

*The writer paid for all food & services reviewed here and the merchants mentioned are unaware of being recommended.


 Kueh Lapis from Xin Yuan


Waffle with Dark Chocolate and Berry Hazelnutty ice cream by Brownice, even the waffle and chocolate fudge are eggless and dairy-free!

Mini steamboat by Nature Vegetarian, they also have family-sized and friends-sized steamboats