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The Strawberry Paradise in Hong Kong ~ by Jodie Li

Green Spot by Jodie Li


The Strawberry Paradise in Hong Kong

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan is definitely an important beginning to leading a healthy life. Doing sports or outdoor activities will further improve your health, but it is a challenge to find grassland in the bustling city of Hong Kong. If you have a day-off, a great way to get some fresh air is to visit the countryside to pick strawberries. It is quite an experience for people who are leading a busy and hectic city life to walk through a strawberry paradise and pick them as you go.

What is better than tasting strawberries you picked fresh yourself instead of buying them in the market? At The Strawberry Farm in Yuen Long the green fields have been planted with different varieties of strawberries from countries including France, Korea, Japan and the U.S.A. It is not easy to tell the differences among these varieties on their appearance alone. You have to bite and taste them to experience the different flavours and texture.

Although the strawberries can be picked freely, you have to consider how much you can eat because you pay according to how many you pick. The farm’s owner says that the strawberries grow best between early December and the end of April. Do catch up with the schedule to enjoy the fresh harvest.

In addition to the first taste of fresh, sweet and delicious strawberries, make time to enjoy the free "Farm Tour". There is also a barbecue area right next to The Strawberry Farm so you can plan your full day there with your family and friends. 

GoVeg tips: Besides eating fresh strawberries straight from the farm, explore strawberry vegetarian and vegan recipes such as salads, fruit juices and strawberry cakes.

Organic Strawberry Farm

Location: DD109 LOT668 Shui Tau Tsuen, Kam Tin, Yuen Long (next to Kam Tin Country Club)

Opening Hours: Saturdays and Sundays
Phone: 5132 5131
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1) Get on the 601 green minibus opposite Transport Plaza, Yuen Long. Get off at Shui Tau Tsuen Village "Iron Bridge" stop.

2) Take the MTR and get off at West Rail Line Kam Sheung Road Station. Use Exit C to find a taxi to take you there.

3) Take the No. 18 red minibus or the 77K bus from Sheung Shui Bus Company. Get off at Kam Tin Mung Yeung Public School Station and catch a taxi to get to the farm.

4) Take the No. 51 bus from Nina Tower, Tsuen Wan. Get off at Kam Tin Post Office station, and go to the farm by taxi.