Green Vegan Lifestyle in Hong Kong and Asia
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A Taste of Mediterranean Veggie Retreat

 Maya  Café,  which  opened  on  the cosy  Moon  Street  in  the Spring of 2013, is  the  brain  child of Tina  Barrat  and  Mina  Mahtani. The  environment  of  the cafe,  with  its  white  walls,  outdoor  terrace,  and  Turkish  chandeliers  creates  a  relaxing  and  retreat  like  experience.    It  seats  up  to  35  people  with  both  indoor  and  outdoor  dining.    

Tina, who is best known for creating  gorgeous  jewelry, is the main chef.  Influenced  by  her French  Moroccan  background  and  the food  cooked  by  her  mother  during  her  childhood, she was inspired to create a Mediterranean styled menu.  The  food  is  100%  organic  and  vegetarian,  with  many vegan options.    With its  focus on  the  cuisines  of  Greece,  Southern  France,  Italy,  Spain  and  the  Middle  East,  Maya Cafe offers a  well  balanced  diet  of  vegetables,  fruits,  unrefined  cereals  and  olive  oil.      

The  oerings also  include  a  delicious  dahl  made  daily,  alongside  freshly  made  vegetarian  soup  that  changes  daily.   This  winter,  the  cafe  is  oering  heart  warming  vegetable  stew  with  red  rice,  baked  ratatouille  with  goat  cheese,  tofu  frittata, and  pu  pastry  with  bell  peppers  and  potatoes.  

A set  lunch  is  oered  at  HK$128  with  a  choice  of  soup  or  Mediterranean  salad  alongside  a  choice  of  four  main  course  options  that  change  daily. You can also choose from four desserts with generous portions.    

Now  oering  a broad  range  of  organic  wines,  the  cafe  is also ideal  for  a  relaxed  evening. A  dinner  for  two will  cost  about  HK$400.      

Maya  Café  even takes care of corporate  and  home  food  deliveries.    Freshly   made  food  can  be delivered  to  your  home  or  business  premises  for  parties  of  from 2 to 200.    Using  environmentally  friendly  packaging  and  cutlery,  they  cater  from  the  set  food  menus  or provide custom  made recipes  for  discerning  tastes  and  health  related  needs.