Green Vegan Lifestyle in Hong Kong and Asia
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The First Hong Kong Vegfest Roundup



Vegfest is short for “vegetarian festival” and refers to events held each year in different places around the world within the vegetarian community. These annual Vegfests enable vegetarians to interact with individuals and organisations within the vegetarian community.


These festivals are becoming more and more popular and successful each year. This can been seen in Tokyo, where the Yoyogi Park Vegetarian Carnival has, in recent years, been supported by the local tourism authority and is becoming a significant annual event in the area.

In English, “vegetarian” implies a plant-based diet. In line with this, it is understood that only products that exclude all animal ingredients (including leather, fur, milk, eggs and honey), as well as those that do not harm animals or the environment, would be promoted during the various Vegfests around the world. So in a sense these festivals are more vegan than vegetarian.

The Hong Kong Vegfest on 14 October last year was a community-based, 
volunteer-run project with the aim of promoting veganism among the people of Hong Kong.  Despite the remote location on Clearwater Bay Road and a little drizzle throughout the day, over 4,000 people visited this first vegan carnival in Hong Kong. The festival included over 50 stalls of vegan food and lifestyle products as well as numerous speakers and presentations from vegan doctors, nutritionists and other vegan community members. There was also fun and games for kids, a raw vegan cooking demo, environmental and humane education, film screenings, live music and dance shows.


The next Vegfest will be held on 2 Oct 2014 at the same location.  It is anticipated that even more visitors will come and more stalls will be included to accommodate the extra visitors.