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Vegan without being vegetarian?

Waiter - “Hello sir, how are you?”

Me - “Hello, I'm very well, thank you?”

Waiter - “Are you ready to order sir?”

Me - “Yes please. What do you recommend that is vegan friendly?”

Waiter - “How about chicken?”

Me (confused) - “Excuse me please??”

Waiter - “How about chicken?”

Me (still confused) - “But I don't eat meat??”

Waiter - “Ah, you're vegetarian as well.”

Me (even more confused) - “How can someone be vegan without being vegetarian???”


2015 Hong Kong Top 10 Vegan / Organic Restaurant Awards

Today is the third & last day of the Natural and Organics Products Asia 2015 fair at the HKCEC. The climax to the first day was the presentation of the 2015 Hong Kong Top 10 Vegan / Organic Restaurant Awards. The awards were presented in association with the 1999 established - the online worldwide directory of healthy eating (unrelated to a similarly named Hong Kong ice cream brand launched in 2012).